21st May 2022

GebWMS aims to be a tiny and feature rich production / warehouse management system for smaller operations, but most importantly GebWMS is a system that does not live in the clouds but rather stays firmly connected to Earth. FYI: Geb is an Egyptian God of Earth.

Here are the main goals of the project:

  • build from ground up to be a self-hosted solution aka not cloud based,
  • be hardware agnostic which basically means that as long as the device can run a modern-ish web browser you are good to go,
  • no vendor lock-ins or special licenses required,

The project is going to be published as open source and most likely packaged in a form of a downloadable virtual machine so that it can be just deployed and used instead of spending time on the voodoo required to install it and get it to work. However, since it is not finished yet I would love to prioritise local businesses here within Coventry and the surrounding areas to give it a go if anyone would be interested. This will allow me to gather more data and get a better feel for the required features.

GebWMS will never compete with the established big boy enterprise systems that are available on the market today. The goal is to provide a solution for businesses that need something entry level and do not have £50k+ to casually spend on a tool to manage their inventory.

21 / 05 / 2022:

  • (core) everything is responsive = the system works on a desktop, tablet and smartphone,
  • (core) each user has their own unique username and password to login,
  • (production) components / products can be added,
  • (desktop) every page that qualifies for a CSV / Excel download will get it (stock history, product details etc),
  • (warehouse) locations can be configured in a very flexible way to allow one to one, many to one,
  • (warehouse) one location can store 3 eaches of item X, 10 cases of item Y and 4 pallets of item X if you require such functionality,
  • (warehouse) ability to have several warehouses,
  • (warehouse) you can mix and match barcode types for items and locations as long as there are no duplicates,
  • (to do) incorporate a feature that will allow to track every stock movement in the warehouse,
  • (to do) management page to control level of access for different people (picker, office worker, inventory manager, admin etc),
  • (to do) tools to perform basic maintenance and repair tasks for the manager / administrator.
  • (a maybe?) integrate authentication with Active Directory?

Here is my latest live demo of the system:

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