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ESP01S: Teething pain…

Recently I have picked up few ESP01s boards as an addition to my IoT Platform arsenal (Arduino is kinda nailed 101% at the moment). However regardless what I did (and I did read quite a few tutorials) that thing did not want to output any meaningful serial information nor it was going to connect to a wifi network...
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Compression idea thingy

Super basics of the Huffman compression algorithm (do more research if this sparks your interest). Lets say that we have a string of characters: 012102 Now lets do a simple mapping of characters to bits, 0 = 0
1 = 10
2 = 11 So the above string would end up looking like this in binary: 0101110011 Once we got that lets have a quick think about how many bits it takes to represent our string: 10 (bits) / 6 (characters) = 1.666 bits per character.
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WordPress Basic Security Tips

Since my WordPress site has been compromised few months back I have been advised to take certain steps in order for this not to happen again so that I can just enjoy a working site without any interruptions. Here are few tools that have helped me to keep my site healthy and happy: 1) WordFence:
Super useful plugin that allows you to scan your website for vulnerabilities.
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CSR: 2nd Update

Since there are so many ways a HA system can go south I have decided to follow my made up rules to make "the contraption" good enough (crude is in the name right?):

- Node1 is always the master to begin with,
- Node1 is the only one running the replication script (status 0 if all is ok with the node),
- The replication script stops running when keepalived encounters problems (status 1),
- After any failure / failover the user is required to put everything back to the original state,
- Keepalived on Node2 does not start automatically after a reboot, Here are just few case scenarios that Crude SQLite Replicator can handle.
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CSR: 1st Update

My two Raspberry Pi high availability contraption has been running the replication routine for around four days now. So far so good. However (after some more reading) there are things that need tweaking / changing in order to make it more reliable in the long run.
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