Remote worker monitoring r@nt

9th November 2021

Since covid started many of the office staff have started working from home. All was good however the employers started to implement software that measures and monitors employee performance just in case the employee exploits this new situation. To me this is stupid and unnecessary for few reasons.

First of all, did you as an employer suddenly stop trusting your employees because this is how it feels like to the employees. What happened to the good old ways when you measured the performance by the work they did? You know, a human to human (or zoom meeting) interaction and things like: is all of the work delivered to the agreed quality and deadlines. You do not need to monitor what the employee does every 5 minutes by taking a screenshot of their monitor (what's next? A CCTV camera in their room to keep an eye on them?). You as the employer did not check on each employee screen activity before covid started did you? Have a bit of faith in your staff that YOU employed to do the job for you that generates profit to the business. (Hint: Most problems in the workplace are not technology related, they are human related and can be solved by interacting with them).

Second thing... the mouse movement and key stroke statistics... both are bullshit and have nothing to do with the quality of work output. Also please spare me the nonsense of pitting employees against each other to see who is the most productive and shame the ones that happen not to be obsessed with work since they have a personal life with hobbies and a family. At this rate you might as well just replace all the humans with robots as it does seem to me that this is what an employer ultimately wants aka no sick days, no holidays and always a 130% efficiency etc. Radical revelation: Most people do not like what they do professionally despite what their CV or LinkedIn profile says. For most of us work is just something we do as we are forced to pay bills, rent and other stuff we can't live without like food etc So if you are one of them work worshipping employees, please do not be an overzealous idiot that spoils the entire workplace for the rest of us. Just because you are happy to push like a slave through a pile of paperwork each day does not mean everyone else can or wants to do it. I am sick and tired of this "If I can do it, everyone else can too" bullshit attitude. It does not pass the initial sniff test. By that logic you can take punches like Mike Tyson because if he can tolerate insane punishment and pain from other heavyweights than so can you. See how stupid it is?

So... before I go full crazy on an off-topic tangent I will stop here. The conclusion of this rant is that the solution to keep the employees productive is to communicate with them the same way you did before the pandemic. A little trust and encouragement do go a long way. Or just replace them with robots and be done with it.

One last thing... there is dark side to working remotely. The employees do not work their usual 9-5 hours but they get paid as if they did. This in practice means that they are expected to read and respond to emails outside those hours which is a total overreach. I seen people responding to stuff on Saturdays and Sundays or like 10pm on a weekday.

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