Koalemos... something something management tool...

2nd September 2021

Koalemos is apparently a Greek God of stupidity... Perfect fit! The idea is to make my life easier when it comes to managing virtual machines that utilise the KVM hypervisor. Normally as someone who loves open source I would use virt-manager but... I found it to be a pain in the butt sometimes due to the fact that I will need a putty client, xming installed etc etc It would be so much better if I just could do it all in a browser (and sometimes on my phone). The project will mostly focus on managing the VMs and not really adding new ones or changing their configuration. A reboot, shutdown, some health status data, storage capacity, keeping some logs, backups, maybe some automatic email alerts when certain thresholds are met etc So far the project has reached these milestones: 14/09/2021: - code has been cleaned up, - VMs are now in order (this annoyed me), - every user action is logged now and can be inspected per VM (bigger version coming soon), - quick glance at the VM hard drive space also implemented (alerts potentially?), - add host section has more features and a test connection button, - add host connection types are working correctly, - contemplating on the general look and feel

02/09/2021: - ability to login via username and password, - the connection to KVM host is established using SSH (for security), - control panel allows to perform most basic tasks per each VM, - admin section that allows to add more KVM hypervisor hosts There are obviously things I need to add in order to make it a viable option that I can deploy in some of my server installations (show which VNC ports each virtual machine uses, group actions etc). Will keep this blog updated with the latest changelog and development of this rather semi-useful tool. This should be fun!

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