IT support USP is dead

30th June 2021

This is a rant / observation of the general landscape of what the majority of the IT support companies have become in the past few years. The idea is that they will take all the pain away when it comes to keeping the big bad entropy out of the picture so that you can focus on the business side of things. Sounds great, but how do you choose one? So using the entrusted power of google you find five potential companies within your area. You have a read and realise that all of them seem identical. They all take pride on offering the Office365 package (hands up who hates the subscription-4-everything model that seems to be creeping in more and more into our lives...), outsourcing the entire IT department so you do not have to hire anyone on-site, be there when your system goes south (spoiler alert: IT WILL) etc I do not know about you but to me they all seem to be exactly the same thing, like car dealerships. They do not inherently seem to be adding any value compared to the previous IT support company. After few moments it dawned on me that they are just fancy vending machines and in that case the only real factor is the price. Like in the already mentioned car dealership it does not matter if you get your BMW Series 3 from Coventry or Birmingham as the product is EXACTLY identical. Sure, each of the companies like to postulate that they have the best customer experience or that they been in business for 15 years with 7500 calls per year with on average 33 minute response time etc To me that is all corporate BS carefully crafted by the spin doctors there just to drag you over to the other side.

Now back to the point: whatever happened to the unique selling point that apparently is critical when writing that precious business plan, to STAND OUT from the crowd or when applying for a business loan because you need that £50k to expand to the new office location. Where did it go because I ain't seeing it anywhere anymore. As a potential customer with your head not permanently installed in your twitter feed it does pose an interesting question. Either all of the support companies do not really care that much to put more effort in as from their point of view all of the competition is keeping everything to a minimum as well so why bother? Passion for the business probably burned out years ago and now it is all about that sweet sweet bottom line. At the end of the day the customer will pick one or the other based on a totally non-educated guess or a recommendation from someone who used such services and survived miraculously.

Ahhh, and do not get me started on the nearly always mentioned "feature" that building relationships is a top priority. What relationships? What are you talking about? I am going to have a much better relationship with my dog than with anyone who I use for my IT support or see once a year when I am servicing my car. We are exchanging goods here and the last thing I need to know is how Bobs children had a wonderful time last Friday and that Ken got into a fight and now needs a new set of teeth (while he shows me the videos of mentioned party on his iphone). These "relationships" are not real and will vanish in a heartbeat if I find a better deal somewhere else.

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