I have been helping out a local charity (Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre) to streamline their entire therapy services processes. It has been around a year of intermittent development but we got to the final destination eventually. The database is being used by about 8 staff members to gather and manage appointments, generate reports, invoices and related back-office tasks (the time consuming boring ones). Read more


A no frills tool to record interactions and job openings for a Coventry Employment Broker. Light Years better compared to an Excel spreadsheet.

It has these capabilities:
multiple users can use the tool at the same time (separate login credentials), generate reports to see if they meet their monthly goals (per broker), keep a clean track of interactions with companies, in-app expiring job notifications Clean and simple design – just how it should be. Read more


This simple utility was created to solve a very specific issue. It allows the advice team supervisor to see who is waiting at the reception without the need to walk back and forth or to use a phone. Based on the receptionist input the supervisor can assign an appropriate caseworker that can help with the issue. Read more


This system was created to replace an old and partially broken access database that was used to handle the entire job booking process. Currently the new system is being used by a Coventry based company that specialises in interpreting and translation services – Lingo Links. Read more