Highly resilient, fully managed NAS solution build on server hardware

The moment when your data becomes mission critical is when you have to rethink how you store it and what hardware you use. Here are just a few reasons why myNAS will serve you much better compared to a domestic (off the shelf) solution:

  The HP Microserver Gen8 is exactly what you need for a small office environment based on proven server hardware. It also happens to work great as a NAS box because it is small, supports four hard drives, can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM, is super quiet and has low power consumption.
  NAS is all about your DATA. At db4you I put my trust in the capable hands of Western Digital RED drive series. The REDs have been designed from the ground up for 24/7 operation. They are power efficient, quiet and provide good performance for the price.
Any service provided by db4you includes an Uninterrupted Power Supply unit from a well known company (APC) as a part of the package. This little device is designed to protect your hardware and data during power outages, surges and spikes.
The Z File System is a revolutionary technology that fundamentally changes the way we manage data. Designed for long term storage with features like error detection and self-healing makes it an obvious choice to anyone worried about the integrity and safety of their precious data.
Mechanical hard drives fail eventually. However thanks to the unique setup of four drives this system can withstand two drives failing at the same time and you will still NOT loose any data. Resilience at its best. Simple!
  Your server will run on an enterprise grade operating system - Debian. It is a flavor of Linux which has been battle tested by governments, financial institutions, big businesses (Facebook, Google and Amazon to name a few) and anyone who needs mission critical stability.

A breakdown all of currently available myNAS packages:

Option RAM Storage
S 8 GB 2 TB
M 12 GB 4 TB
L 12 GB 6 TB
XL 16 GB 8 TB
Onsite installation time 1-2 days

If you have any questions related to this service please drop me a line