The goal is simple - design and build a piece of software that works exactly like you do and doesn't break the bank!

You probably have hit a wall with what Excel or Access can do and need something more sophisticated and future proof.

Typically everyone tries to automate some of their business processes to save time and resources. It can vary from a job booking system, attendance of clients and even something as exotic as recording the temperature of a room every 5 seconds using sensors for later analysis. Regardless how small or big your needs are - get in touch to see what I can do for your business.

Some of the features that db4you systems can deliver:

  • all you need is a web browser to access it,
  • can be used on a laptop, tablet or smartphone (responsive design),
  • multiple users can access the system simultaneously,
  • SMS and email notifications,
  • tailored search facilities for your data,
  • automated reporting,
  • export data to Excel or PDF,
  • in-app alerts and reminders,
  • control what users have access to,
  • and many more...

All of the systems developed by db4you share a common theme of keeping everything to a bare minimum while maintaining the desired functionality.

Check out some of the projects that have been done by db4you to see what I am talking about.