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GebWMS aims to be a tiny and feature rich production / warehouse management system for smaller operations, but most importantly GebWMS is a system that does not live in the clouds but rather stays firmly connected to Earth. FYI: Geb is an Egyptian God of Earth.
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ESP01S: Testing Rig

My goal is to migrate my current Arduino IoT platform code into the ESP01S chipset (8266). What I really want is to achieve a rock-solid ish uptime so I do not need to worry that it will just crash and be in that state for days before I realise that it went south.
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ESP01S: Teething pain…

Recently I have picked up few ESP01s boards as an addition to my IoT Platform arsenal (Arduino is kinda nailed 101% at the moment). However regardless what I did (and I did read quite a few tutorials) that thing did not want to output any meaningful serial information nor it was going to connect to a wifi network...
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Compression idea thingy

Super basics of the Huffman compression algorithm (do more research if this sparks your interest). Lets say that we have a string of characters: 012102 Now lets do a simple mapping of characters to bits, 0 = 0
1 = 10
2 = 11 So the above string would end up looking like this in binary: 0101110011 Once we got that lets have a quick think about how many bits it takes to represent our string: 10 (bits) / 6 (characters) = 1.666 bits per character.
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