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IT support USP is dead

This is a rant / observation of the general landscape of what the majority of the IT support companies have become in the past few years. The idea is that they will take all the pain away when it comes to keeping the big bad entropy out of the picture so that you can focus on the business side of things.
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Two Node SQLite Sync

Goal: Build a stupid simple routine that will keep one SQLite database (slave on Node2) in sync with the master database (Node1) over a local network (active / passive setup). This is still a part of my IoT smart home project.
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Lately I have been all over the shop with the things that peak my interest... In the last few days I have been toying around with some of the replication and synchronization tools that I never seen before. The first one that I totally struggled (aka failed) to get up and running was the OCFS2 (Oracle Clustered File System 2).
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