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Two Node SQLite Sync

Goal: Build a stupid simple routine that will keep one SQLite database (slave on Node2) in sync with the master database (Node1) over a local network (active / passive setup). This is still a part of my IoT smart home project.
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Lately I have been all over the shop with the things that peak my interest... In the last few days I have been toying around with some of the replication and synchronization tools that I never seen before. The first one that I totally struggled (aka failed) to get up and running was the OCFS2 (Oracle Clustered File System 2).
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Arduino365 part 7: Project Update

Goal: Build a modular DIY IoT cloudless framework on the cheap using off the shelf components with Arduino (Nano) at the centre of everything. The Arduino365 project has been going for some time now and it has grown. Here I will give a general overview of where it all is and what are the next steps to achieve the goal (was not really planned but rather just grew in an organic way aka one thing led to another etc).
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