Smartphone LED control over RS485 link fun

1st January 2019

Lately I wanted to utiliseĀ this Funduino RS485 shield (I/O Expansion Shield V5) as it is much more friendlier to work with (I can just mount it on the UNO + it can control and do other things as well) compared to the typical MAX485 with pins sticking out = ugly etc. Also, I want to control something at the other end of the serial connection using my smartphone because that is just how it should be right? For all of this to work the following components have been used:

  • Web Server (virtual machine),
  • 2 x Arduino Uno,
  • 2 x Funduino RS485 shield,
  • 2 x female jack 2.1mm CCTV power adapter,
  • 20m ethernet cable with passive POE adapters,
  • RGB led

The general idea regarding how the control signal will get from my smartphone to the LED looks like this:

Smartphone=>Web Server=>Ethernet Shield=>ArduinoA=>RS485A=>RS485B=>ArduinoB=>LED

"One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words"... so here they are (now worth 20k words):

I could bore you to death with all of the technicalities of each Arduino sketch and how I used JSON over the RS485 link to pass on the control data blah blah blah... But it is 1st of January 2019 and instead I will just provide you with a video that just demonstrates the end result. Maybe... Maybe some time down the line I will revisit this and provide some code. Who knows... But for now the link:

Hope this helps and all the best in the brand new and shiny 2019 !

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