Going Green r@nt

1st January 2022

How to go green and still maintain the same lifestyle you ask? Well... the short answer to that is: you can't. The long answer is: you can't. Was it just me that was semi awake during physics classes at high school? It drives me insane when every company is just trying to appear as they are this beacon of eco friendly and totally sustainable business model just so you can feel nice and fuzzy when you depart with your hard earned cash in exchange for their products and services. And I am sure that this trend will just continue and everything will be green while the pollution levels will be the same or higher... strange how that works. I have a really simple solution that would effectively decrease the carbon footprint:

Curb your consumerism by 30% (as a starting point).

The less shit you buy = less carbon footprint there is. But this is exactly the thing that the spin doctors (marketing and sales people) do NOT want you to do like EVER. Imagine Coca Cola asking all of us to stop buying so many drinks from them... Absurd right? Their entire life is based around the fact that you as a the consumer need to spend more and more = more profits for the companies + bonuses = capitalism baby! Yessssssss!!!! It is like wanting to lose weight by doing everything in your power that is NOT exercise with a healthy balanced diet. The worst part about this all is that people will fall into this marketing ploy and think that they are being responsible and doing the right thing (my pet peeve phrase of all time). This trend will bleed badly into the car market... I already seen interesting language used on Nissan page regarding their Acenta electric car. They did say that the CO2 emissions while driving is 0 g / km (which is correct) but they did not mention ANYTHING about how much CO2 it took to actually manufacture the car (at least I could not find anything). And nobody seems to mention on their website that in order to manufacture batteries we need to extract lithium from the ground and it consumes about 500000 gallons of water per 1 ton of that precious essential metal. Mining this stuff is a rather water intense business... And all of this massive push for sales to what end?! It seems that we are just pushing for better and more and now just because without any real thought to it (do we really need a new iPhone iteration every 6 months? like really? The "old" one is bad now?). If you are a multi millionaire than an extra million or two will not change how you been living your day to day in any significant way.

I am not being delusional here and I don't expect for us humans to do anything really apart from talking that we are doing something while still doing the exact same thing we have been doing all along. In other words: Business as usual. And heck, I am not even bothered if the human race wipes itself from the surface of this planet (Mother Earth has pulled that stunt few times already so what is stopping Her from doing it again?).

My wish for 2022 is that we bullshit each other much less and as a direct result the world would become LESS SHIT instantly.

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