Grim Dawn: Automatic Skill Spammer

31st December 2019

This is not what I usually get to do... I do play games from time to time. I was a big fan of Diablo 2 back in the day. Recently I have discovered Grim Dawn which is like an AMAZING game if you are in to RPG. I highly recommend you go and check it out! Now back on track. Despite me liking the game there is always this thing that annoys me: skills that give you a buff but you need to activate it at certain fixed intervals (typically few or several seconds). This usually means that you will deal extra damage or heal yourself but you need to press a key in order to do it and the buff will only last for lets say 12 seconds. After that you need to do it again to maintain your buff. So.... If you are playing Grim Dawn on linux like I am there is a nice lovely hack for that. I found this tool called xdotool which will press a button for you as if you have hit it yourself. Now all you need to do is to tell it which button to press and how often to do it and you are DONE!! Below is the script I use for my Occultist class that activates the Blood of Dreeg for me every 14 seconds in the background so I can just forget about it - yessss!!! One less thing to keep an eye on when your bashing them Aetherials!


while true; do
  xdotool key 6
  sleep 14

Save the script, make it executable and run it in a prompt window (before you start playing the game) and it will just keep on doing the thing for you for EVER. After few moments you should see that there are some keyboard inputs (in my case number 6) that happened without you touching it - magic! Here is an example of what I am talking about:

My Blood of Dreeg is binded to number 6 in the game. This method will work for any similar skills that are time interval buffs or debuffs. Hell, you can even have two or three of them running at the same time to trigger different skills. This improves the quality of my gameplay by a long shot as I do not have to worry if I activated my buff and I can be assured that I am getting my class skill-worth - if that is even a word. Happy farming!!!!

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